“I have been trained by Paul over the past year since a major stomach operation. He totally understood the rehabilitation process and tailored my training around that.  As the year progressed the training has been increased dramatically without me recognising the increase! Paul delivers it with a firm yet warm style that motivates and inspires me.
The results have been dramatic…decreasing body fat from 25 to 18%, 16lb weight loss and most of all dramatic improvement in muscle mass, strength and flexibility.
Have now a better body than I did 20 years ago when I was at my physical peak. Still can reach another peak, thanks Paul.”
Nick Wastell


“My husband and I approached Paul for some help with improving our general fitness levels, and with helping us to lose some excess weight!  He was great.  Always punctual, polite and a joy to welcome into our home.  He met with us before we got started, to go through our goals and expectations, and then tailored our exercise routines to our needs.  We quickly began to notice changes and were really happy with the results.  It’s given us the kick start we needed to continue with our fitness and made us think more about what, and how much, we eat.  In just 8 weeks our results have shown double the strength around our core, over 2″ off my waist, 1 3/4″ off my hips, Fat % down by over 3% with a stone loss!
My husband results showed 1 stone loss, 2 1/2″ off the waist & 4% fat loss!
He was very knowledgeable and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”



“I’m a 36 year old who had brain cancer, who was very low.  Paul totally changed me, from my diet (that I thought would be impossible to change) to the way of my workout. His knowledge and experience is 2nd to none, he really is a mater of his craft!!
I can’t begin to explain how enjoyable his workouts are! On top of all this, he’s a lovely bloke.
I’ve been around sports people all life, I can honestly say Paul is an expert who is exceptional at what he does.”
David Bloomfield


“Paul is very effective.  He instills good discipline and at the same time has a sense of humour. I would recommend him to anybody trying to improve their physical shape and general wellbeing.”
D Napier

“A routine visit to my GP (having reached the age of 70) revealed the weight had held steady but there was a natural loss of strength and top body mass. He recommended exercises to restore the situation. After some trial and error, I met Paul Suggitt. Paul made further tests, gave recommendations and set targets to be achieved. I now train 2 or 3 days per week, muscle strength and balance have both greatly improved. I am far fitter to enjoy outside sports, fishing and hill climbing. Body fat has also been reduced and I have improved physical and mental strength. Sessions with Paul are serious and vigorous but enjoyable. He is comfortable to be with and has a positive and encouraging approach to life.”
John Alston

“I trained with Paul for 10 sessions spread out over about an 11 week period.  Before working with Paul I had done quite a bit of gym work and was in fairly decent shape with a fairly good knowledge.  But working with Paul has progressed me so far in a short time.  My aims at the beginning of the personal training were; to reduce my body-fat, maintain muscle size and improve general fitness.  I have seen great gains in all three areas in the 11 weeks. My body-fat dropped by a third, I now feel stronger and my fitness has improved greatly, as shown in the 30% reduction in my resting heart rate.  I generally feel a lot fitter and healthier with the advice from Paul, especially the dietary advice, which was very in depth and helpful.  I think the most impressive thing with the training was the techniques that Paul showed me with my weight training.  I now feel that my exercises are performed spot on which helps me keep injury free. I would recommend Paul to anyone that is keen to become fitter, healthier and generally happy with their life.”
Ash Briggs

“Paul is an outstanding personal trainer. He has a style which he adapts to suit his clients circumstances – mood, health, motivation, fitness. He links the desired outcome to very clear objectives. He has a realistic approach and the endearing quality of giving you a gentle push to get the maximum benefit from the time spent together!
His all round knowledge of diet nutrition health and fitness add real value too.
I have no hesitation recommending Paul to my personal friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.”
Ker Tyler

“My name is Len Baker and I suffered a serious stroke in 2006. Paul Suggitt has looked after me for over a year as a personal trainer and has contributed enormously to my physical recovery. He has strengthened not only my bones and muscles but also my mind. He also has the ability to interact with my family and all those about me. He is a natural born teacher and will go far.”
Len Baker

“I was referred to Paul as he was highly recommended from a friend, and from the start Paul was very patient and understanding and gave me well needed advice with my diet and training with the goal to drop a few dress size ready for the summer. Within the first two months my body fat percentage had dropped by 4%, losing 2″ off my hips, 3.5″ of my waist and 3″ off my thighs.  It was great to get into a pair of size 12 Jeans instead of the old size 18. I would definitely recommend Paul as a Personal Trainer especially if you’re looking to get into a special outfit for a special occasion or just to improve you overall health and fitness level.”
Louise Terry

“A friend recommended me to Paul after I mentioned that I wanted to lose some weight and tone up my body. I have now been training with Paul for over a year and I have lost 1.5 stone and gone down to a size 10 from a size 14. Every session that I spend with Paul is well planned and thought out and most of all it is fun, the sessions have varied from training at the beach to cycling in the woods! My overall fitness has never been better and I have re-gained the confidence that I had lost through weight gain.
Paul’s knowledge of nutrition has been a big help with sticking to a healthy diet and even when I have had bad days his motivation has been enough to keep me on track.
I would recommend training with Paul to anyone, whether you want to lose weight or improve your fitness, his knowledge, effort and enthusiasm is a real motivator!!”
Rachael Tate – Rachael has since now qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, had a short spell with PSPT & now trains under her own name! What an achievement!

“When I met Paul I was 15st 3lbs and had clear aims of reducing that significantly but also to gain greater fitness. Thanks to his expertise we have succeeded in getting my weight down to 12st 4lbs and the change in my shape has given me back the confidence that previously had gone.
Paul structures the sessions very well and the variety ensures that there is no stagnation setting in and that every time you turn up you feel energised at what is about to take place. He has such drive and enthusiasm for his work and this really translates onto his clients, raising their performance levels. He has a very pleasant humorous manner about him but is always respectful and supportive which to me is vital.
Paul also put together a nutritional programme for me, which I have followed and this has also delivered benefits in the weight loss area, but also a clearer knowledge of how to manage my diet on a day to day basis.
Of course I would and indeed have recommended Paul to friends. In these days when money is tight and we all look for value in that area, Paul delivers time after time.”
Steve Graham

“Since training with Paul I have found I am so much more confident when I train on my own and know what to do to achieve my goals.  He is very thorough and his work is always 100% helpful.  In myself I can tell I have improved in my fitness level and my appearance.  I would recommend Paul to anybody who finds it hard to approach the gym and also who just need that push!”
Louise Sturman

“Paul is an excellent personal trainer.  He manages to deliver sound advice and training plans that really help you achieve your fitness / training goals. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and health and is able to devise fitness plans and advice specifically suited to the individuals in question. He is an enthusiastic teacher and manages to keep a good level of motivation beyond what is achievable on your own.  I would recommend Paul to anyone.”
James Gulliver

“Paul has trained me for just over a year.  In that time I have improved my fitness and lost weight.  I now feel in good shape, whilst sleeping better and in general I feel able to take on the world. Paul is very motivating and no training session has ever been the same.
I have never kept gym training up and after one year, I believe it is now an improved way of life.”
Denise Large

“Paul is superb as a trainer because he has both the academic and sports/ health understanding and respect for the human body.  He listens to his clients and produces a programme to suit them.
To an unfit mum, he provides kind support, self belief and encouragement with a great personality!”
Heather Daniels

“Paul has been a great personal trainer for me. He listened during our first session regarding what I was looking to achieve and helped me set realistic and achievable goals based on the level of commitment I could make. During our sessions he continues to push me to the furthest point possible, far beyond the point where I would have stopped had I been on my own.
Each session is slightly different, which means they do not become monotonous, and the exercises we go through are straightforward enough that I can do these when working out on my own.
Paul has also helped me look at by diet and general health, so that all the hard work I do in the gym is not wasted by an unhealthy lifestyle away from the gym.  After 5 weeks I started to see changes in my overall fitness levels and body tone, and with Paul’s help have no doubt I will reach and or exceed my original expectations and objectives.”
Andrew Dawson

“Playing a good standard of rugby I needed some specific advanced drills and fitness. Paul is a great trainer, I have used other trainers but they just haven’t been able to take care of my needs.”
Name not shown, at Clients request

“I first met Paul through the Great Britain Speedway Apprenticeship Programme as he was the group fitness specialist.  Being an aspiring professional speedway rider, I needed to get the best training available, Paul knew everything that I needed to learn.  I contacted Paul privately away form the course for some extra 1:1 advice, which was done online over mail. My diet needed some help as this is an area I have always needed help with.  Almost instantly, I felt better and it within the week, I started noticing changes, it was that quick! I losr a stone without cheat days or crash diets or anything like that – It was just specific foods and specific times and sensible training advice.  His knowledge is spot on!”
Kelsey Dugard

Sarah Jenkins

Poppy Farrow

Lee Sheens

James Desborough

Toni Bloomfield

Martin Cornish

Kelsey Dugard

Connor Dugard

Beany Hazell

Team GB Speedway

Luke Miller

Francesca Thesen

Elle Green

Jason Doyle (2017 FIM Speedway World GP Champion)

Niels Kristian Iversen

Craig Cook (2017 British Speedway Champion, 2017 GB World Cup Rider, 2018 FIM GP Rider)

Judy Kerr

Steve Worrall (2017 British Championship Runner-Up)

Robert Lambert

Nicolai Klindt

Richie Worrall

Danny King

Lewis Kerr

Adam Ellis

Adam Soall

Sean Bew

Dale Wilcox

Olly Applegate

Damiel Appleton

Scott Nicholls

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