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Circuit Training has been proven to reduce fat mass around the body by an intensive balance of cardio activity with strict specific weights resistance work. The elevated heart rate caused by cardiovascular exercises like star-jumps, boxing, side-steps remains in the effective training zone by maintaining a pre-designed weight training circuit.

Not only is this class perfect for fat loss, it reduces your resting heart rate, improves health, fitness levels, energy and drive.
Your confidence will be higher, along with coordination, stamina and flexibility.
Circuit Training is the best form of exercise because of the rapid gains, it is available to everyone.

Circuit training is normal perceived as a very tough class, to which it is if you make it that way.circuit training gloves
Circuits are intense due to the reduced rest periods, but how hard you work in each exercise and on each circuit is entirely your decision.

Paul has a vast amount of experience and knowledge along with the very highest personal training qualification.
Each class is structured to suit everyone.

The class provides an effective warm up, specific circuit routine followed by a thorough cool down with developmental stretches. With men and women taking part from ages of 14-65, it makes his class the most popular in town, and for one reasonstretching

It works!

Come along and find out for yourselves. It will only take one view to see the personality of Paul and how he makes the class fun, motivated and one hell of a work out!
With only one price of £5 per class, paid at the start of the session, no contracts or multiple sessions to pay, it makes it nice, easy and casual.

Get yourself to Hethersett Village Hall on Back Lane for a prompt 7:00 pm start on Tuesday evenings

Alternatively, what better way than to find out about this fantastic class than to speak to him personally,

Call Paul and he will be honored to speak to you and answer of queries you may have…
07909 524507 ,

Please consult your GP if you have not taken part in any form of physical activity in the last 3months. Or if you are on any medication or any slightest restriction call to be sure.



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