About Paul

Always moving, never still as a child, Paul always had fitness in his blood.  It was something kind of special as coming from a Farming background, it was the pass down from his late grandfather who loved football.  Paul and his brother Dan never let a day go by without a ball being kicked around.
It followed through School and into College, where he found his meaning.  2002 Paul was qualified as an instructor and began work at a Golf & Country Club.  Working with the members, he soon made an impression with his attention to detail and began helping the Golf Pro.

After wanting more, Paul moved to a newly built City Centre Gym and this is where he made a name for himself, fast becoming the Senior Instructor, gaining Level 3 accredation with Special Populations Certification. This enabled him to help & assist the physiotherapists & patients from the NHS, post stroke, cardiac rehab and other restrictions.

After 19 months, Paul decided to go it alone, and needed the next step, Personal Trainer.
A quick drive to Cambridge,  met with Premier Global, rather quickly was signed up to the private 4 week course to which was passed with high marks.

Leaving Qualified with the highest recognised Personal Training Qualification, the day after the course, Paul was self employed and in April 2006 PSPT was created.  The business only went one way, up! Paul quickly put what he had learnt into practice and started creating a good name for himself.  Word soon spread with friends & family members of clients wanting some sessions.  Work quickly progessed with him working with high level professional athletes, including Jason Doyle (current 2017 FIM Speedway Wold GP Champion)
In 2015 Speedway GB recruited Paul to help with the fast paced motorsport, He is now the trainer to the Team, and last year reaching the World Cup Finals in Leszno, Poland.

Paul is now seen as one of the top Elite Personal Trainers across the country with clients coming from all ends of the country to see him.

He has used various gyms across Norfolk to which now uses a base that is the SportsPark at University of East Anglia. Paul will also travel and organises abroad excursions for warm weather training, and pre-season skiing breaks or whatever the goal and requirement is.

Although Paul’s main focus is with the professional sector, he still looks after his local clients and is always around to help.

To contact Paul, please use the contact form or email Paul@pspt.me.uk





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